Breads for restaurant and hotel banquet / Innovative Yeast Breads

Breads for restaurant and hotel banquet / Innovative Yeast Breads

21 November 2019

Gastronomy Essentials will proudly organize a unique training program with topic "Bread for Restaurant & Hotel Blades - Innovative Bread Yeast" presented by the Bakery Chef Haris Papalitsas. The event will take place in Nicosia on 21&22 November.

During the two-day training seminar, the stages of the baking process (kneading, curing, rolling, baking) will be analyzed in detail.

Emphasis will be given on slow ripening, excellent raw material selection, elegant appearance of the products with particular emphasis on detail, techniques to ensure production stability and the theoretical background a professional should have so by knowing the "Why" behind any technique he/she could evolve.

Finally, original recipes will be presented that will stimulate the interest of dining places (restaurants and hotels).

Upon completion of the program, participants will have been thoroughly taught all stages of the baking process, will be able to apply different yeast preparation techniques and will be able to apply what they have learned to their business.

The program will be a tasting demonstration and participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance as well as a booklet with all the recipes they will cook with the Chef during the two-day event.

Venue: Mitsios Trading Ltd Training Center, 70 Tefkrou Anthia, Dali Industrial Area, 2540 Nicosia - Cyprus.

Program Hours: 10.00 a.m – 16.00 p.m. (6 hours/day, total 12 hours)

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Organizer: Gastronomy Essentials